flower tips
The floral decor at any wedding becomes the statement or tie that
connects all the elements of the event together.
To design your dream day you should know a few things
before you consult your florist:

Your floral budget (at least an idea)

Your vision and concept of the event (you may bring magazine
pictures clipings of ideas you like)

The style and color of the wedding dress.

The number of attendents and the style, color of their dresses.

Other people that will receive flowers.

The location and time of the wedding.

Any restrictions imposted at the wedding locations.

The format for the reception (for example: sit down or buffet dinner)

Let the florist know of any sensivity to fragrance.

Do you need full service? (delivery of flowers, set up and break down)

Florist usually have an inventory of rentals and props, be sure to ask.

Cost effective: reuse ceremony flowers also at reception site.

Don't schedule your wedding on the weekend of a floral holiday, or
at least be aware of the significant price increase.

Consider using seasonal flowers. It's cost effective and the flowers
tend to look the freshest.

Summer wedding? Ask about heat sensitive flowers.

Corsages: for delicate dress fabrics florist should use a magnetic
clasp hook (available trough most designers).

Put a family member or friend in charge of corsages and bouts. Florist
can't always stay around for the detail.

Favorite memory: do you have a favorite memory of a flower or garden
that would add a touch of sentiment to your day?

Headpieces: make sure you get a measurment of child's head so the florist
can make the proper fit.

Fabric swatches of all the dresses is a wonderful tool for your forist to have.

Table centerpieces should not be higher then your elbow to your fist.

Tall floral arrangements on a table are lovely but be sure they have
a strong foundation.

To help you decide on a style of your wedding celebration,
a few words about colors and moods of flowers:

Soft pastel hues: take their cue from nature; pinks, ivory, peach, whites
and subtle blend of skin tones.

Red family: Rich, bold, warm and sensuous; corals, crimason, orange,
fuschias; lush, exoti; old world.

Yellow and green: nature's warmest and safest place; a sense of French countryside.

Blues and purples: regal and distinctiv; nature's gemstone; clean,
classic, pure.

Whites: sophisticated; fresh; pure and inocent; renewal.

Also did you know that herbs make wonderful addition
to flower arrangements?

* Rosemary- endures devotion and love

* Sage- promotes good health

* Thyme- gives courage

* Marjoram- increases marital happiness

* Parsley- promises festive times

* Mint- brings strength and virtue

Copyright©2006 Karen Fox. All rights reserved.